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  • Development of new methods and technologies for fundamental and applied studies in physico-chemical biology, biotechnology and related fields (medicine, pharmacology, husbandry,…).
  • Research and development work for making new scientific instrumentation, laboratory equipment, automation means, and software.
  • Serial production of instrumentation and laboratory equipment.
  • Sientific information gathering, licensing, metrology, standardization, certification, and coding.

Major concepts of research and development works of IBI RAS

  • Development of instruments for studies of thermodinamic properties of biological systems (differential adiabatic scanning microcalorimeters, isothermal titration calorimeters).
  • Development of spectral and optical instruments for UV and visible spectral regions, including spectrofluorimeters, spectrophotometers, interference filters, quartz and glass cells.
  • Development of new methods and equipment for cultivation of microorganisems and cells.
  • Development of new methods and equipment for extraction and purification of biologically active substances from plant raw materials.
  • Development of instrumentation and equipment for biochemical studies (shakers, liophylizers, membrane and peristaltic pumps, microsamplers and so on).
  • Development of instrumentation for cell studies, including micromanipulators, equipment for cell surgery and instruments and equipment for electrophysiological studies.
  • Development of new methods of ground surface analysis.
  • Development of new methods of mobile electrocardiography.
  • Studies of physico-chemical and functional properties of metal-binding and intrinsically unfolded proteins and development of new methods of their studies.


Graduate students invitation

Protein Research Group of the Laboratory of New Methods for Biology of the IBI RAS invites graduate students (master’s degree) to join postgraduate course in molecular biophysics.

A conference of young scientists

A conference of young scientists and students "Biomedical engineering – 2010" will take place in IBI RAS in November 2010.